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How To Bouquet

I recently discovered a great way to make a bouquet and I would love to share it with you.

Start with the flowers. I like to have:


-a tall spiky flower

-two types of accent flowers




-twist ties

Start by holding in your non dominant hand the tallest (spiky) flowers.

Add a layer of greenery around the outside. I like them to be asymmetrical, and leaves slightly to one side.

At staggering heights add an odd number of your accent flowers. I have chosen red roses and pink peonies.

Tie your twist tie where your hand was holding the bouquet to keep the flowers at the right heights. Test overall height by putting the bouquet in you vase of choice. Trim accordingly.

Since it is December now, I added in some tree trimmings as an additional accent green. Ands that is all, you now have a beautiful handmade by you bouquet.

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